Steve Lottatore of 'Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC' is an International Code Council ('ICC') Building Safety Professional member # 8027028

CA Licensed 'Specialty' Contractor # 524619

Home energy consultant

 CA 'Certified Energy Audit Inspector' and 'Energy Star Partner'    with 'EnergyCheckup'   Energy Efficiency Program

      CA 'Level 1'  Certified Infrared Thermographer # 7790






"         " Make us your first '911' call to protect your investment,                                before it's an emergency"

  Whether you've located that special home which promises you years of comfort and joy, or that unique investment property, call on Steve Lottatore of Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC to check it out from 'top to bottom'. He will use his years of construction and inspection experience, to thoroughly examine the overall 'true' condition of the property and it's major components, operating systems, built-in appliances, and fixtures. We report to you, in detail, any visual material defects and conditions that would significantly affect the safety, habitability, or value of the property.

   Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC wants you to have the most complete, reliable information about the home and/or property before you buy, that may or may not have been previously known about by the seller, or properly disclosed, so that you can truly make an informed decision regarding your purchase !  We truly believe this to be one of the best 'consumer protection' services of any profession. 

   With over 36 years building and inspection experience, Steve Lottatore with Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC has helped to make thousands of Clients happy and comfortable with their purchases, and you can trust him to provide you with the same professional service.      Please take the time to read through these pages, which contain helpful information to select a professional inspector, and information beneficial for the purchase of your home or investment property.


   You owe it to yourself to acquire the services of the best professional inspector, and receive the most thorough inspection possible of the unknown property, that you can afford !  

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