Steve Lottatore of 'Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC' is an International Code Council ('ICC') Building Safety Professional member # 8027028

CA Licensed 'Specialty' Contractor #524619

Home energy consultant

 CA 'Certified Energy Audit Inspector' and 'Energy Star Partner' with 'EnergyCheckup'   Energy Efficiency Program

      CA 'Level 1'  Certified Infrared Thermographer #7790





Why Choose 'Bilt-Rite'?

 Both financially and emotionally, your new home or commercial investment property is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, and you will enjoy many years of happiness - if you have chosen wisely.  At first glance, any home or property may appear to be in great shape.  But, it may contain some uncertainties and/or conditions that you should be aware of, that the seller may not have properly disclosed and/or they may not even be aware.  No home or property is perfect, and while there may be certain conditions or problems you could live with, there may be some beyond your financial and/or emotional expectations.  In making a purchase decision of this magnitude, make it with confidence.  Have your new home or investment property professionally inspected before you close Escrow, to achieve that level of comfort that you deserve, to make sure 'you're covered'!

 That's when Steve Lottatore with Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC, should be called in. Because your time is valuable, Steve works for you to assure an efficient but very thorough examination of the property that would be in accordance with and/or exceed the guidelines and professional 'Standards of Practice' of any state California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA), national American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), or any other professional inspection organization that would be recognized by the CA Business & Professions Code Sections 7195-7199; as having a proper home inspection performed.  Steve's extensive knowledge and experience provides you with a comprehensive inspection covering hundreds of items for your new home or property, which include the general construction, major operating systems, and built-in appliances for the property. Along with your 'on-the-spot summary report' at the time of the inspection, a very detailed .pdf photo report will be provided generally within 24/36 hours, giving you the most complete, objective, and vital information that would be important to you for the property transfer, and for years to come. 'Bilt-Rite' is not a home repair or remodel contracting company and does not benefit financially from the sale or repair of any property, so you can depend on Steve's inspection process and reported conditions to be professionally objective, honest, and sincere. Under the CA Business & Professions Code Sections 7195-7199, it is against the Law for any professional home inspection service to perform any work or repairs on the property they have inspected! 'Home inspections'

 Bilt-Rite Property Inspections & Consulting, LLC, carries a full General Liability Insurance coverage, which includes an added endorsement for the Brokers, Realtors, and Agents that utilize our services.  Inspections can be scheduled within 24 hours notice, if needed, and there is never any additional charge for weekend inspections !!  'Home inspector'  'Home inspections'

Credentials / Affiliations for Steve Lottatore: 'Home inspector'

1881.gif (1007 bytes) Licensed Contractor - Over 36 years of residential/commercial building & inspection experience - CA Contractor License # 524619  (Licensing not required in CA for Home Inspectors. Maintained to stay current with building trades/practices; 'Phase' inspections for new construction homebuyers; 'Construction Defect' Litigation/Witness Support; and for performing 'special inspections' or 'Deputy inspections' that would be supplemental to any city/county building department inspections for new/remodel residential construction)

1881.gif (1007 bytes) International Code Council (ICC) Member # 8027028

1881.gif (1007 bytes)  Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer # 7790 (Thermal Imaging) - Nationally recognized Infraspection Institute; CA Member of the Nationally recognized 'United Infrared, Inc.' (UI) Certified Thermographer Network

1881.gif (1007 bytes)  EnergyCheckup -  CA Certified Energy Efficiency Inspector and Energy 'HERS' Rater ('Energy Star Partner' for Energy Efficiency Audits)

1881.gif (1007 bytes)  Past 15 year (1997-2011) 'MCI' member* and CAMP Mentor (Region 6) - California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA); past OC CREIA/ASHI Chapter President, VP, Education Coordinator, & Education Chair

1881.gif (1007 bytes) BNI (Business Network, Int'l.) - Yorba Linda BNI - Current Chapter Lead Mentor; Past President, VP, & Education Coordinator

* The 'Master Certified Inspector' (MCI) designation is the HIGHEST rating that could be obtained through CREIA, and which is only given to those inspectors that had obtained over 100 hrs. of additional training, performed over 1,000 inspections, and had been tested for knowledge above the already high standards set for existing 'CCI' members of CREIA.   

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